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lilith_lumierie's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Our Panda Collection Let me show you it [16 Jan 2009|03:04pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Only 1 is missing because I left him at the office. :D

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Shinya Mini me T_T [06 Aug 2008|02:46pm]
There is a Shinya Mini Me for sale. I so want one T_T. *sigh* Lilith, you don't have money, stop dreaming and get back to work! *sigh*
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Yori is hooommmeeee ^^ [19 Dec 2006|08:02pm]
My boss/friend's Yori finally came home. We just got her from customs a few hours ago. According to EMS, she arrived here last December 9th, but we only got the notice today and immideately rushed to the post office to get her. My golly the tax is insane.... we... paid..... $ 172... >.< . Will post pictures as soon a the owner uploads them. ^^
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Shoujo Manga Angst [18 Dec 2006|03:22am]
I've been reading a lot of shoujo mangas lately. A lot... meaning I have 2-3 gigs worth of manga scans. It helps me relieve stress and helps me sleep. As much as I love mangas there is one thing that really ticks me me off and I can't do anything about it....

What really ticks me off is....

Whenever I find a manga series then download it out of curiosity, then once I read first few chapters, I'll get completely hooed then I'll find out that it's not finished yet and is currently being scanlated.

ggggrrrrrrrr, I can't stand the agony of waiting for the next effin installment. T___________T
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[10 Oct 2006|12:29pm]
I'm alive. XD Hective work schedule kept me from blogging. Work also kept me from seeing Verchiel, I hardly took him out of his carrying case so one day I decided to let him stay over at Kes' and Chi's house. I would love to post some more but work is calling me again. T___T
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Here we go again [30 Jun 2006|04:23pm]
[ mood | sick ]

As the Level Up tradition goes, one gets sick the others will follow. Sick leave forms are flying off the receptionist's desk. Majority of us came down with at least one of these 1. cold, 2. cough, 3. fever 4. Head ache and body pains, common symptoms of the FLU. Oh the beautiful sounds we make together, an eclectic mix of sniffing, coughing, and groaning noises, I bet we can make a very nice soundtrack mix if we recorded it. Rolls of tissue and boxes of klennex everywhere. Our medicine supply is also dwindling, you can really tell that a lot of us are sick because of the long list of employees who took took some medicine, there were at least 10 people everyday. My boss was absent yesterday because of the flu but still she forced herself to get up today and fly to Cebu. I on the otherhand along with other brave souls, although weary, tired and sick, forced ourselves to go to work. It's not that the HR dept is forcing us to go to work, it was more of worry. Worrying that something might happen if we don't come to work, worried that the piles of deliverables will be high above our heads byt the time we get back and also the fact that everybody is really trying to endure the sickness just so we can get things done, yep total dedication. I think the Korean are concerned about us and they haven't seen people as dedicated as us, so Mae (Korean translator), bought a big bottle of vitamin C chewable tablets and gave us one each. Or maybe she doesn't want to get sick too that's why she wants us to get better. I was planning to take a picture of our trashbin full of discarded tissue paper but then again that might be too graphic for some people to stomach.

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Gomen T_T [08 Jun 2006|11:03am]
[ mood | determined ]

To Mommy Amy,

Sorry I wasn't able to attend your doll meet. I was tied up at work and I couldn't get off because I was running an event. ~_~ And thank you so much for the gift.

I might not be able to attend a number of doll meets again because our entire team will be deployed in different parts of the Phil. for a nationwide event. Each of us will be in a different city every week, or 2 cities a week, for 2 months. Just imagine Amazing Race w/o the weird challenges and super heavy baggage. I'm a bit lucky because I won't have to ride an airplane, my itenerary is within Luzon only (although I really like to go to Cebu), I'll be spending half my day cooped up in a van. My other teammates however will fly to a city on Saturday then fly to another one on Sunday. Oh well it's tiring but I get paid, yay more money for my dollie fund. :P

If luck is on my side I might be sent to Korea for a gaming convention and if the dude up there really loves me, I might be sent to Europe.

I will be changing working schedule, from 9 am to 6 pm, to 10 pm to 7 am. We'll be offering our services to European territories so I have to adjust to their time zone.

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Super Late picures [27 Jan 2006|11:53am]
These pictures were taken last year. Yeah, I know, why did i wait that long? I was too busy to resize and post them up. Sorry T_T

These were photos were taken at lobby of our new office.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Oh and Verchiel is wearing a new suit. Will post more pics tom and more new clothes.
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News advisory: Cosplayers and Nettizens beware [08 Jan 2006|09:18pm]
Written by keiohwai .

A Warning for Philippines-based fandom groups
During the last quarter of 2005, MIKE ABUNDO bought the domain and created an online cosplay forum answering to the name "PINOYCOSPLAY.COM"

doing so, he has bypassed an already existing yahoo emailing list named PINOYCOSPLAY, which was already active and in existence in the year 2000, during the years following the first major anime conventions in the Philippines (ANIME EXPLOSION & ANIME QUEST of the years 2000 - 2002)

Members of pinoycosplay mailing list who are also active administrative members of FILCOSPLAY.TK, (a cosplay forum created during 2002, and thus older than pinoy cosplay) pointed this out to Mike Abundo.

Mike Abundo denies his knowledge of the existence of the pinoycosplay ML, saying if it existed it was an old and inactive group anyway, and it did not register highly in Google searches.

When NOELLE DE GUZMAN, founder of the pinoycosplay ML, spoke with Mike Abundo, he admitted that he did not, in fact, make a google search for the keyword term "pinoycosplay" before buying the .com domain and creating the forum.

Mike Abundo, in the latter part of the conversation with Noelle de Guzman, proposed that the pinoycosplay ML merge with his pinoycosplay.com forum, saying the mailing list would benefit from the boost of traffic that would soon visit his pinoycosplay.com site, claiming that his .com site was far more accessible to people everywhere.

Noelle De Guzman rejected the offer and said the Pinoycosplay ML will not be affiliated with Pinoycosplay.com under any circumstance. Mike Abundo chose to keep the name of his .com site, saying that he has already invested his monetary resources into the creation of his forums which, in reality, uses the format given by the invision.net service providers on the creation of an online bulletin board/forum.

Mike Abundo bought the site domain name pinoycosplay.com to lead to the www.invisionfree.com/pinoycosplay forum.

Since then, Mike Abundo, who is also a member of Filcosplay forums, a cosplay oriented forum not unlike his own pinoycosplay forum, has frequently made various attempts to lead members of the Filcosplay forums to his own pinoycosplay forums by posting his site links within the threads of conversation in the Filcosplay forum, often times in a blatant manner thru hotlinking and making off-topic posts that pertain to his pinoycosplay forum site.

additionally, Mike Abundo has often criticized the Filcosplay forums by emphasizing the advantages of his Pinoycosplay forum - like accessibility.

Pinoycosplay forums do not require member registration to enter, in contrast to Filcosplay forums which require this. Mike Abundo claims that this enables more user traffic to his pinoycosplay.com site as this registers higher on Google searches and has more memory recall than a long series of link names like filcosplay's " S7.INVISIONFREE.COM/FILCOSPLAY " link.

Also, as filcosplay uses the " WWW.FILCOSPLAY.TK " link as an alternative to its original " S7.INVISIONFREE.COM/FILCOSPLAY " link, Mike Abundo claims that some people would have difficulty going to filcosplay, as the filcosplay.tk link suffers from regular downtime, unlike his pinoycosplay.com site, which is a more direct connection to his own forums.

The filcosplay forum moderators have generally ignored Mike Abundo's actions, reprimanding him only when his actions were excessive, but allowed him to remain a member of the filcosplay forums.


Early this january 2006, the Filcosplay forum moderators have found out that Mike Abundo has bought the domain name of " WWW.FILCOSPLAY.COM " and uses this as a link to his own pinoycosplay.com forums.

When Mike Abundo is confronted by the moderators of Filcosplay, he says he will gladly give the www.filcosplay.com domain to filcosplay, only when the moderators make a public announcement of Mike Abundo's "generous donation" to filcosplay.

As of this writing, many filcosplay members have aired their concerns over Mike Abundo's actions.
Meanwhile, the Filcosplay forum moderators are making plans with how to act against Mike Abundo's virtual act of cyber terrorism.


Other anime/manga/cosplay/fandom related groups should be warned against making future connections or working with Mike Abundo. Take utmost care against this person and his underhanded dealings.

pertinent links to this report:

http://s7.invisionfree.com/filcosplay or



If you are concerened party, feel free to copy and paste and spread it around.
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Telling the truth is not bullying [24 Nov 2005|02:40pm]
There you go again Shinji acting like the whole is against you, that we are bullying you. Very typical Shinji tactic. Ano yan paawa effect? Telling the truth with evidence to back up the claims is NOT BULLYING. Whenever people find out about your "schemes" (for the lack of better word), or sense that something is wrong about what you say to them, its either you deny it or go "oh my god, they keep on blaming me, the whole world is against me" mode. When are you going to stand up and take responsiblity of your actions? You brought this upon yourself Shinji, so don't make it look like we are gagging up on you because we are not, we are just merely telling the truth. I told you , I didn't look for that DA picture, its just happend to pop up in one of my random searching queries.

By the way you I manage to dig up an old MSN conversation between us involving your "Sacre" . I don't want to post this but you drove me into this. BTW this is not a fake if that's what you're thinking, coz if you take a look at the file's properties, it says there that it was created: Friday, July 22, 2005, 11:13:35 AM, Modified: Friday, July 22, 2005, 11:13:35 AM, so there is no way I can tamper with that.

This is just an excerpt....

weeee~~ says:Himiko: Is Verchiel there?
Lilith says:Nope he is home currently resting, severe jetlag
weeee~~ says:Himiko: awww...I want him to meet Sacre *drags Sacre*
weeee~~ says:ack! shut up Himiko!!!!!!
weeee~~ says:you always spoil everything!!!!
Lilith says:lol
weeee~~ says: Sacre: ugh....
Lilith says:I don't think i can drag verchiel out of the house, i have broadband internet there and 2 gamng PCs
weeee~~ says:hala
Lilith says: so I think he would be spending his time, catching up on his gaming time he missed during the trip
Lilith says:XD
weeee~~ says:Himiko: awww he looks so cute I wanna meet hiM!
Lilith says:maybe at the next doll meet up
Lilith says:as soon as we are free
weeee~~ says:I might not be able to go to the meet up.... I hope I could *crosses fingers*

see shinji's comment on this post : http://www.livejournal.com/users/lilith_lumierie/502.html

As you can see my dear readers, Sacre "existed" even before the DA picture was posted.

Shinji, why do make it appear that we are bullying you. That's is so not true, nagsasabi we are only telling the truth. We are not lying because we have evidence to prove that we are not. You know, i would've been better if you just said Sorry, aside from denying the whole thing, you blamed your freind too, let me get this straight, you are willing to betray your friend just to get away? And lastly, you refer to us as bullies. Oh well, I kinda expected this from you, you always do this when thigs go wriong and its your fault. I remember back then you did post something similar to this when people did not believe that Himiko really exist, oh i think you also said there " why don't just people leave me alone". This is also not the first time you deleted your journal, you deleted your first one back then because some people are "attacking" you. BTW, only a few hours has passed and you already deleted your LJ, I thought you will delete it after 24 hrs.
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Identity theft? [22 Nov 2005|02:25pm]
Last night, I decided to do a random search on BJDs on the internet, out of pages and pages of queries this one link stood out. My instinct says , something is wrong with this link so i decided to investigate. It turns out its a picture of a doll named Sacre, owned by a filipina. the name Sacre sounded familiar and looking back, Shinji a.k.a I Lokve Milk told me about her doll named Sacre. She mentioned Sacre to me way back in July 2005, the reason why i remembered it is because it was around the same time that I got Verchiel. So i looked at the picture closely and said to myself.. this is definitely not Sacre. This doll is way more georgeus than Shinji's doll Himiko and even if it was hers.. the pictures are too good to be taken by her. I thought maybe the girl mistook the doll as Sacre, but when i scolled down and read the comments, Shinji posted a comment and it really seemed that the doll on the pic was hers she even said the her doll sacre was very flattered. Now that is weird.. if it really is Shinji's doll how she did not post any pictures of sacre in her blog and never mentioned Sacre to me or on her LJ and tabulas account. Banking on our past ugly encounters with this girl, I was convinced that something is fishy going on.

So i checked if Joey is stil OL. She wasn't so i decided to take pictures of the DA account just in case they delete and deny the whole thing. After 30 minutes Joey went OL. I first asked her if she heard about Shiji's doll named Sacre, if she recalled me mentioning it to her in the past, and if she saw any pictures of Sacre. Joey confirmed that she never saw Sacre, i told her about the DA picture that I've dug up, told her that the owner claims that it is Shinji's Sacre, but the doll and the picture is way to good to be hers. i showed Joey the pic and asked her if she could identify it, and right then and there she told me that the doll looked like her friend' Yuki's f17 Kaien. Joey gave me the links to Yuki's gallery to compare. She also asked me to look for Kaien's old picture because Kaien had a new face up. After a few clik, I saw Kaien wearing the exact same coat shown in the DA picture. I decided to put Kaien's pic next to the DA picture and said to Joey, it IS the SAME doll, the doll on the DA pic is Kaien. I just have to find the exact same picture to build a stronger foundation on our claims. Thanks heavens for broadband it wasn't long before i found the entry which contains the batch of pictures used in the DA picture. Joey contacted Leigh and Yapi and the rest.... is ..... umm.. history??

To shinji a.k.a. I love Milk. Yes I was the one who found the picture, it was not my intention to look for Sacre, but I guess the Gods wanted me to find out about this and don't forget, investigating cybercrime (hacking) was my former job. At first I don't want to get involved but when I woke up this morning, I said to myself, this has got to stop. I have to do something so there, I posted my side of the story. I don't care if you and your friends got mad at me. At least people would know the truth.

I have a question shinji: Why? Why are you doing this? When will you ever stop?
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Ranting... a lot of swearing >. [13 Nov 2005|10:38pm]
Yes, I know its all over the community but I want to post it anyway. You prolly heard of his name in the past. This guy is an asshole, a fucking retard, and very delusional.

Why did I come to hate him? Well, first was when he question or rather flamed us in the FC boards regarding the amout of cash prize we are giving away for the cosplay comeptition. He said,

"NetPlay, a much smaller gaming company, awarded PhP 10,000 for an individual cosplay prize.

A company that makes over PhP 500,000,000 in annual revenue really should stay abreast of local industry standards. Customers passionate enough to cosplay at company events deserve at least that respect."

The fucking guy doesn't get it, we'd rather spend the money on making the cosplayers feel comfortable and happy, by providing food (lunch and merienda), separate dressing rooms and one goodie bag for EACH COSPLAYER. Most of this cosplayers dosn't care about the prize money, they cosplay for fun. We'd rather spend the money on making the MAJORITY of the cosplayers happy than giving it to few chosen ones.

Next, we had a contest called the "War of the Roses, the Search for the ROSE It Girl". One of his object of desire is competing so what he did was flame the other constestants saying that they are noobs, not only that he flamed us too, he called our game a REJECT, now is that the way to teart the very same company who organize the contest that his object of desire is going to compete on?

Lastly, he called our celebrety endorser a noob.

"Just callin' it like I see it, gamer girl. Why they would have to hire a noob like Iya Villania when you're around is beyond me. "

Ok again, listen you fucktard, if it she is the image of ROSE, and the ROSE It Girl must have the same qualities that she has, now, if you are calling her a noob, then that means you object of desire is a noob too? Who gave you the right to label Iya, and the other girls a noob? For one, the othe girls have impressive credentials too and Iya has a lot, she is not just a celebrety endorseer, she is also a gamer, FYI, she used to be a game jock and a damn good one too. She also plays our games, I bet you , she knows more about ROSE than you do, you don't even know what the first jobs are, you moron.

I tried to ask him nicely to please be respectful and mind his manners but he didn't listen, even his object of desire already joined in the discussion and told him that I was right, the retard completely ignored it.

TOday, my inner calmness left me when I saw him at our booth when Iya is signing autograph. WTF, what is he doing at our booth and of all the times that he can drop by our booth he picked the Iya segment, hows that for a retard who flamed Iya? Then as if that wasn't enough he started to talk to our staff about our games, giving his usual sales talk and the oh-i-love-your-game pitch. What an asshole, he have gutts to act like that after he said those nasty things about us. So I couldn't take it anymore, I walled up to him and said "Hey, you were the guy who said Iya was a noob right?" He replied "I was trying to be nice". WTH? trying to be nice? What's nice about that? The whole fucking post was all negative. *breathes*

As to the object of his desire can get away from. The retard won't leave the poor girl alone. Like today, he followed her around like a puppy. She couldn't get away without sounding "negative" . Somebody pls rescue her at times like these. T_T

Now the rest of my negative energy came from the fact that he STOLE the Pinoy Cosplay title, and went on a hotlinking frenzy on the Filcosplay boards, promoting his forums.God... the word RESPECT doesn't exist in his vocabulary.

I applaud Nissie (FC boards moderator) for writing that very impressive rant for the fucktard.
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Break from the routine [07 Nov 2005|10:01pm]
Rose Bash - the official launch of our online game ROSE Online.

Under the ROSE Bash we had a contest called "ROSE Bash Cheerdance Competition". Contestants have to choreograph a dance routine for their characters using Dance Scrolls, skills, and emoticons, Record the dance routine with a camera or any video capturing program.

Here is one of the entries submitted to us.

Clan: Legends
Server: Polaris
Song: All I want by INOJ

Warning: watching this video may cause severe last song syndrome, and coupled with some dance moves XD .


This entry won first place. The winners recived P 20,000 in cash.
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Tired but Happy ^^ [29 Oct 2005|11:56pm]
Just got back from our major event, ROSE Bash, official launch of ROSE Online. A lot of people came even people from provinces like Baguio and Cabanatuan, I heard they check in the hotel just across the street from the venue. People lined up at the gate as early as 5 am i think. The weather heard our prayers, MOther Nature gave us a slightly brezzy day, not to hot but not too humid, and lots of cool breeze. The only down side is, since it rained for the entire week (except today), the grass is still wet and muddy. I loved how my "project" (cosplay) turned out, although the number of participant are fewer than expected, its okay, because ROSE is a new game and not many cosplayers have seen or played it, but those who joined were great, their costumes were great, you can see that they really worked hard on it. I kinda expected that the participants will be fewer than our last event (Ragnarok Phil. championship), because WAA also have an event today and its open cosplay meaning you can cosplay anything you want, unlike in ROSE, you are only allowed to cosplay ROSE characters.

I didn't get enough sleep, didn't eat until 11 pm and my phne bill probably doubled. But you know what? Its okay, because everything went accroding to plan, everything was nearly perfect, everything was on time, the backstage is not as chaotic as our other events. I was also able to give my friend a present, not only he was able to get an authograph from our endorser (Iya Villania), he also got to play as her bouncer during her photo opt with her fans. I swear the dude is on cloud 9 right now.

Verchiel stayed at home because I know that I'm going to be very busy and nobody is going to watch oover him. But, the models and the RoSe It Girls (Beauty/Gamer Girl contestants, missed him, they kept on asking why i didn't bring him along, they were even willing to watch over him and even carry him during their cat walk, that lucky bastard, if i did bring him along he would be surrounded by pretty girl gamers all day long!

@Asphy, sorry I wasn't able to email you an epistle, sobrang busy po eh bawi na lang ako next time.
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Just came up for some air. [21 Oct 2005|01:53am]
I'm swimming in tons of paper work, literally!

I just found out that I still have 19 days of vacation leave and 15 sick leaves to consume, befor December 31. Whoa, I didn't notice that I hardly take a VL or SL, so now, I have to figure out how to consume that before the year ends without affecting my work. Three weeks of vacation may lead to tons of back logs when i get back >.< . Not to mention that we have major events and video shoots with MTV.

My work is affecting Verchiel's lifestyle, he is a typical home boy but I bring him along to accompany on my field assignments, which are molstly events , tours and TV prod. Our most recent trip was in Cabanatuan, a clan held a party and rented a small bar. Verchiel enjoyed hangging out with the guys and seeing them get wasted and make a fool out of themselves.

Being out of the house most of the time is turning Verchiel into a party animal! He even asked me to make and/or buy more clothes suited for partying and such. I think he forgot that he is only 17 >.< .
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The big bad camera [04 Oct 2005|10:22pm]
Lilith is still "out of commision" since her encounter with what she called "the big bad camera" ,so I'm going to post in behalf of her.

Last saturday the camera was on me, today is Lilith's turn.

Lilith is going to appear on MTV's gaming show "Massive". She was asked to talk about the 4 job classes in ROSE Online. She wasn't suppose to talk on that show but her boss and everybody else "forced" her. She is very afraid of the camera that's why you RARELY see her in videos or pictures. In fact she was so afraid that she wouldn't let go of her friend's (Mike)hand so her boss and the MTV crew literally dragged her inside the studio. She got even more nervous when she found out that she is going to be interviewd by a MTV VJ (Mark Abaya).

Good thing the crew was used to handling uber jittery guests and they made Lilith feel a little more comfotable, especially VJ Mark. He practiced his lines with Lilith and even made jokes in between, tho' most of them are "green" in nature, but they made Lilith laugh. Which brings us to the next problem. Laughter and nervousness is a fatal combination, because Lilith could not stop laughing/snickering when she is nervous. And the word "tact" disappears in her vocabulary, she blurt out words that she wouldn't normally do. >.<

To sum it up, the shoot when fine although they had to do double takes in some parts. But the whole ordeal had shaken up Lilith a bit. I wonder who looks better in fornt of the camera, me or her?

Mantra for the day

"The big bad camera,
The big bad camera,
The big bad camera,
The big bad camera,
The big bad camera"
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Busy Weekend [03 Oct 2005|02:21pm]
[ mood | happy ]

We hosted an event last saturday called Ongaku Sessions it was held at Freedom Bar, a small bar where most of the famous rock bands used to play during their indie days. For me the event was a succes because we pulled it off with a very limited budget. You see, we didn't get any sponsors, just school org (UP AME) and we didn't even try to get some media attention. Wanting get get back on our feet after last event's "disaster", I must say we did way better on this one. Inspite of the very low budget 3000 php to be exact, we manage to have tarpauline posters, glossy paper posters, colored and glossy tickets, ID's for everyone, from organizers to the artist and securities. We were also able to buy souviners for the attendees (decorated chopsticks) and provide the band with lots of refreshments.

Then 2 days before the event a local TV network contacted us and asked if they ould cover our event and even went out of their way to follow our strict procedure when acquiring a permit to shoot. This news blew us away, we never thought we would get recognition from local TV networks. But still we didn't get our hopes up, the local TV netwoks don't really pay attention to indie productions, we prepared ourselves for the worst, that is they will not show up at all. But then again, GOD was good they actually came and not just the crew, they even brought their host! They were very enthusiastic about the event, they interviewed almost everybody from the organizers to the audience and even Verchiel!

Yep, you read it right, I brought Verchiel with me because he was bored I forgot to pay our ISP so he has nothing to do at home. Verchiel was interviewed and probably had longer air time than me and the organizers combined, they even included him in the simple skit that the host was uppose to do. As if that awasn't enought they took more shot of him from different angles. I don't know how to react,I'm happy at the same time a little jealous. XD

We also met with my friend Noelle and her sister Gigil. Gigil and her other sister (i think) own the 2 DODa that i mentioned before. They got the Too and Bee a pair. Gigil brought Bee a at O.S. and Verchiel got to meet her. Sadly, for me she was at a sorry state, she doesn't have anything, no hair, no clothes and no shoes. Amazinglly we also met a guy who likes BJDs, and knows a little about them because he asked me is mine was a Volks or a CP, and what mold. ^^

As for the rest of the night, Verchiel went to the internet shop just beside the bar and played at his heart's content until 3 AM.

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Withdrawal Syndrome [27 Sep 2005|05:42pm]
Technology.. we rely so much on technology. I wasn't like this when i was in highschool. Internet was introduced to me when I entered college, that marked the beginning of my "addiction".

As most of you know, I work as a GM (Game Master) and internet became a vital part of my life, no internet means total chaos. The online gaming community is powered by the internet, our world revolves around, so cutting off out connection to the world wide web for even just an hour could spell disaster...

Verchiel came from Korea, where most of the top online games are developed. He is an online game fanatic and relies so much on the internet just like me. So imagine how he reacted when we left him at the hotel with nothing to do except watch TV while we shopped to death at the 2nd hand shops in Baguio.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This is Verchiel in his "natural" environment, surfing the net and enjoying his cofee.

He wished he has a mac but online games works on PCs so he borrows jiru-chan's mac when he is not playing.

But when we went up to Baguio and left him at the hotel without internet... he went nuts.. >.< and attacked my brand manager Pao

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
How dare you leave me here all alone! How dare you shop without even telling me! Now you must pay dearly!

Pao: *gulp* Um Lilith.... help......
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Road Trip! [19 Aug 2005|02:45pm]
Before anything else I want to thank Hazel for making another set of clothes for Verchiel

Read more...Collapse )

Tonight will be Verchiel's first road trip. Our department was asked to go up to Baguio for an event, so I'm taking Verchiel with me. I hope he doesn't have motion sickness.

In other news, my friend Noelle, said that her sisters got 2 bjds, Dream of Dolls to be excat. They were delivered last week. So if i'm not mistaken there are currently 9 bjds in the Phil. ^^
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Verchiel goes to LU [10 Aug 2005|01:53pm]
Verchiel doesn't have decent clothes yet. I have an outfit made for him and I was suppose to get it last sunday but when I checked up on her, she haven't started on anthing yet. So right now, Verchiel's entire wardrobe is composed of 2 Mistula shirts, a pair of lavander jogging pants and a pair of white pants made by me, and a jacket and apron ensemble by Hazel. Which by the way are made from left over fabrics from our previous cosplay stash. The pants and the jacket and apron set (i call it the Gregorian look) were made in record time, it took us 2 hours to make them ^^ .

So yesterday I brought Verchiel to work....

He doesn't have eye lashes yet, I don't have time to attach them sorry >.<

Read more...Collapse )

Photos by Hazel and our shoes.

Bringing him to work was a chore becasues it was raining the whole day and he still doesn't have a decent carrying case. I know I'm suppose to get one but I don't have time to do it T_T. I promised the boy that I will make it up next time.
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